Explore Your Trade-in Options at JPS Ford in Arcadia, LA

As you'd expect from every part of our business at JPS Ford in Arcadia, LA, our trade-in options are simple, straightforward and easy ways to help you out in all your shopping. When trading in your older, used vehicle, we encourage you to use that value toward the purchase or lease of a new Ford, or another pre-owned model that works for your travels around the Monroe and Shreveport areas. You can also sell your used car back to us a fair value, and simply walk away with a check. Many of our shoppers from Ruston and Arcadia have typical questions regarding our trade-in options, so here's a helpful F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have:

JPS Ford Trade-in F.A.Q.

  • How does a car trade-in work? When you trade in your older vehicle at a dealer like ours, we'll run it through a thorough, yet efficient, appraisal process with our highly trained and experienced service techs. From there, we determine the value it has left and we'll offer you either a check that you can cash or deposit and use as you please, or we'll factor that value into your next vehicle purchase at JPS Ford.
  • What are the advantages of selling my vehicle to a dealership? The appraisal process we just mentioned is a huge reason why to choose our Ford dealer for your trade in. With the facility, expertise and resources to conduct a thorough and quick trade-in, you'll have more confidence in trading in your used vehicle to a dealership like ours.
  • Can trade-ins be used as a down payment? While you can cash or deposit your trade-in check to then use that money for a down payment, using it to buy or lease a new Ford or other used car means we'll factor its value into the total transaction cost. This is the way to go, as we factor in sales tax implications, helping to use your trade-in value to get an even better deal than paying outright.
  • What happens if I still have payments due on my trade-in? If you still owe money on your car and trade it in, our financing experts will factor in what you owe to a lender, so it's recommended to only trade in a vehicle that you've fully paid off. Similarly, trading in a lease earlier than its term is up will command a greater expense on your part.