Congratulations! You drive a Ford F-150, a truck that’s earned its status as a class-leading model on the streets of Homer, LA for many years. If you want to keep your Ford truck performing at its best for years to come, then you might want to keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. What does this entail for Ruston drivers of the Ford F-150? Let’s explore.

As your truck ages and you put miles on the odometer, your truck will need to undergo a variety of services to keep it in top condition. The services recommended for your vehicle will depend on your truck’s mileage and age, in addition to daily driving conditions in the Bienville area. Your recommended services might include tire inspections and rotations, brake pad replacements, front axle lubricant, or a multi-point vehicle inspection. Your fluids will also need to stay current, including your transmission fluid, oil, and antifreeze. Your F-150 might also need to have filters changed out or have belts replaced, too.

Keeping up with your truck’s recommended service schedule ensures that your truck stays safe, extending to your personal safety on the roads of Minden, LA and beyond. Your Ford F-150 needs more than a wash, wax, and oil change every so often. There’s a reason why you chose a Ford F-150 for your daily driving and hauling expeditions. Get the most performance and enjoyment from your vehicle with routine maintenance performed by a team of Ford service experts. Let our trusted Ford service specialists keep your truck current with the recommended maintenance items. Contact JPS Ford in Arcadia, LA to schedule Ford servicefor your truck today.

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