Be Ready for Your Summer Vacation with These Recommended Summer Service Tips

Greener trees and higher temperatures mean one thing in Lousiana -- summer is on our doorstep. With the change of the season, it's a good idea to consider some common-sense car maintenance services. Stop by JPS Ford near Arcadia, LA and Minden, LA to prepare your car for warmer months. We can even help you save with service specials.

AC Recharge: It's no question that Louisiana summers are hot and humid. Traveling through the state during June, July, and August without working AC can be a grueling experience. Before the season gets too oven-like, stop by and have a member of our team recharge your AC system. You'll be ready to crank the cold air in no time.

Replace Wiper Blades: Harsh weather and plentiful rain through winter and spring can take their toll on windshield wiper blades. By the time summer rolls around, it's likely that your blades will be worn out and ready for a replacement.

Oil Change and Other Fluids: It's typically recommended that you change your car's oil every few months every few months or every few thousand miles. Another rule of thumb to consider is changing your car's oil at the beginning of every season. This can make sure you stay on top of important oil change intervals. While you're in the shop, you may as well have like transmission and coolant topped off as well.

Update Tires: Most drivers in Louisiana can get by with a set of all-season tires. However, many sports cars come standard with summer-specific tires. If you've put on winter tires for cooler temperatures, you'll want to put summer tires back on to get the best performance from your vehicle during warm months.

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