Recently, Ford Motor Company announced that they were once again boosting production of the Ford Expedition SUV in order to meet growing customer demand. This move, along with an increase in production of the company's Lincoln Navigator, means that 550 additional jobs will be created and filled at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville.

With Expedition sales surging 35 percent last year, there's a clear need for this additional production -- and not just with our Ruston and Minden, LA customers. Not only is the company adding jobs, but they worked with a group of employees to create revise the production process, adding more work stations and splitting up tasks to ensure that every employee can finish their job in the time allowed while also focusing on delivering the utmost craftsmanship. The assembly line has also been redesigned to allow line operators to work on different tasks in the same area, with the end goal being a quicker assembly time that doesn't sacrifice quality for the sake of speed.

In a press release, said John Savona, Ford Vice President, North American Manufacturing, commented, "Kentucky Truck Plant is home to two of Ford and Lincoln’s most successful vehicles. After seeing a continued increase in customer demand for Expedition and Navigator, we are boosting production for a second time to meet it."

We invite you to make the trip from Bienville or homer, LA to our Arcadia, LA Ford showroom to explore the Expedition in person and discover why it's such a popular option for American car shoppers.

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