Proper maintenance is among the most important factors in the life of your vehicle. It would be hard to find someone who disagrees. Yet keeping up with maintenance takes time. And it can be expensive.

To keep your vehicle on the road in strong running condition, you have to keep an eye on at least three systems: oil and fluids, brakes, and tires. Your other vehicle systems can break down, of course. But for longevity and safety, fluids, brakes, and tires top the list.

But for many Ruston and Monroe, LA drivers, just those three areas require three separate stops. They have their oil changed in one place, brakes checked at another and tires rotated at a third.

One-Stop Maintenance with "The Works"

We at JPS Ford know it can be a hassle to keep your basic maintenance in good order. That's why we partner with Ford to offer a maintenance service called "The Works." With "The Works," you make one stop, and we take care of all your basic maintenance needs. "The Works" includes:

  • Synthetic blend oil change with oil and filter
  • Fluid top-off
  • Filter check
  • Tire rotation and pressure check
  • Brake inspection
  • Battery test
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Belts and hoses check

As you can see, "The Works" takes care of your basic maintenance needs and a whole lot more. Not only that, but you also get everything handled in one stop for a very reasonable cost.

Security With "The Works"

"The Works" also includes one more thing that we all find hard to buy: peace of mind. A brake inspection or tire rotation may save you from a costly failure or even a disastrous accident. Checking your belts and hoses can identify leaks, cracks or wear that could leave you broken down.

Our vehicle inspection alone has saved countless Minden customers the cost and inconvenience of a breakdown or worse. That's why "The Works" is so popular with our friends and neighbors here in Arcadia, LA. Plus, you can save even more money with our rotating service specials.

Contact our service center professionals at JPS Ford today, and let's get you set up for "The Works."

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