Why Buy a Truck from JPS Ford?

Are you wondering whether or not a Ford truck is the next ideal vehicle for you? Here at JPS Ford we take pride in offering our customers and drivers in the area the information they need to make a decision that benefits them day in and day out. Whether you're looking for a new truck for your jobsite, a more affordable used truck or a diesel truck, we've got you covered.

Why Buy New?

Buying a new truck from our dealership will allow you to take advantage of all of the latest capabilities and technologies on the market. Our Ford pick-up trucks are crafted with only the highest quality materials like high-strength steel that adds protection to your daily driving experience. You'll also enjoy a brand new vehicle that performs as best as it possibly can, allowing you to easily tackle tough terrain, haul and tow heavy cargo and stay safe and dry during any conditions. Buying a new truck also lets you sell it at a more profitable rate, if you choose to do so down the line.

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Why Buy Diesel?

Diesel trucks have proven to be more efficient in the long run than trucks that run on gasoline. So, if your lifestyle requires a lot of driving, diesel might be a more feasible choice for you. Diesel trucks also have lower carbon emissions, which may be preferable to a more eco-conscious driver. We've got plenty of diesel options here at JPS Ford.

What Should You Look For in a Truck?

This answer depends on the type of driving and lifestyle you have. If you're looking to purchase a truck for work, you may want to consider specific Ford truck models, maybe that offer more power or a specific hauling or towing feature that will benefit you and help make your workday more efficient. If you're looking to buy a pick-up truck so you can easily transport cargo or take on tougher landscapes, looking for features like all-wheel drive and selecting a larger truck bed may be helpful. Depending on what you use your Ford truck for, you may want to select certain technology and safety features to help make your driving a lot easier. Check out our guide on Ford F-150 trim levels to find which might best suit your daily driving needs.

Should I buy a New Truck or a Used Truck and Where Can I find Options in Arcadia, LA?

You can find a variety of new and used Ford trucks here at JPS Ford. We offer the latest Ford pick-ups like the Ford F-150, the Ford F-250, the Ford F-350 and the Ford F-450. You can also look into options like the Ford Super Duty and the Ford Raptor. Our selection of used Ford trucks is also quite impressive and offers a lot of the same advantages as driving a new truck, but for less money. Depending on what you will be using your truck for and what kind of budget you're working with will allow us to help you decide whether to purchase a new or used truck.

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We'd love to help you get behind the wheel of your ideal Ford truck in the very near future. Come on by and check out your options and speak with a team member about what might be best for you and your budget today.